Responsive Website Design

At Concept Cabin, we specialize in delivering high-quality designs that will set you apart from your competition.

The Creative Process

Business Discovery

At Concept Cabin Design Studio, each design project begins with brainstorming and strategy. Many marketing components are taken into consideration such as brand identity, business values, information architecture, and pinpointing target audiences. The objectives of your business must be carefully considered to ensure that your project is built on the proper foundation. Your handmade website is a portrait of your business and it is our job to capture its likeness - both visually and through its written content. During the first part of the process, we aim to get acquainted with your business, understand your website needs, and get to know your personality.

Plan a Strategy

After we have gotten to know you a little better and have gathered all the necessary information, we can start planning the structure of your site. During this phase, all components and features of the site are considered and your project is wire framed to ensure that your unique needs are met and that the website structure has a logical flow.

Design Phase

Creativity and quality design are rare commodities these days. In a country filled with unique small businesses, why are the same old, stale templates used to represent such unique enterprises? The likelihood of a drag-n-drop template site being able to capture the unique personality of your business is highly unlikely. Getting clients to choose your business over your competition will require you to think outside the box and represent yourself in a different light. Custom design gives you that chance of standing out in a crowd and getting the distinction your business deserves. The design phase compiles all the collected information and organizes it into a visually appealing design. We start by designing the homepage, determining the color scheme, fonts, and style. Once designed, the initial homepage is presented to you for approval. Feedback is welcome as we modify the design to best suit your vision and the needs of your business.

Development & Integration

After the visual design has been completed, the background functionality of the site is placed into development. The functionalities planned in the initial phase are placed into action so that your site is fully functional. During this phase, the site is optimized and tested on multiple browsers and platforms.

Site Launch

Launching your site will be a momentous occasion as your business will celebrate its new web presence. Upon launching, we will submit your site to the big search engines to help you gain rankings during searches.


After your website has been designed and launched, you’re not alone. Concept Cabin will continue to nurture your site ensuring extended support along with applications of the latest updates and technologies. Concept Cabin offers support to you for whatever you might need. We’re always just an email away. We want to see your business succeed and we’ll stand by our design to ensure it.